Rimelite SWING III Transmitter High Speed Sync (for Canon)

by shuttermaster.com.ph

Remote Radio Sync and control system including HSS-High Sync Speed up to 1/8000sec.

Disparator / remote control NS III for CANON cameras 
-Frequency 2.4Ghz 
-Scope: 120m 
-Fast Sync Speed ​​(HSS): 1/8000 sec. 
-Units: 6 / Groups: 16 (Total of 96 flash units) 
-Complete flash control - On / Off, Up / Down 
-Display / remote control: 
-RiME LITE iA Series 
-RiME LITE i Series 
-RiME LITE Ni Series

SWING III will have Two execution modes. (HSS & NSS)

If a user would like to use HSS, i-flash should be set ‘H-mode’. 1] HSS Mode  (High Sync Speed mode ) - This Mode supports High Sync Speed of Canon DSLR up to 1/8000sec. 1) Press HSS button for 2sec, HSS Mode is activated

2) Trigger LED will be flickering 3times shortly if HSS mode is activated, And it will be flickering whenever pressing the shutter of Camera. 3) under HSS mode, Test button’s work is stopped, And only LED lamp is just flickering 3times Again to show it is under HSS mode, if a user use ‘Test’ function.

Under HSS mode, all functions( Flash Mains power On/Off, Flash power Up/Down) is stopped for the smooth Operation with DSLR camera’s TTL. Swing III Transmitter is reacted only by DSLR’ TTL Driving signal. 5) HSS mode supports the shutter speed of Canon’s DSLR up to 1/8,000 sec.

2] NSS Mode (Normal Sync Speed mode) 1) Press HSS button for 2sec, HSS mode is canceled. 2)Trigger LED lamp isn’t turned it on. 3)Under NSS mode, All remote functions will work normally. Whenever pressing each functional button, Trigger LED will flicker just one time. 4)Under NSS Mode, SWING III can support the shutter speed of Canon DSLR: up to 1/200sec. The compatible models among Canon Dslr cameras -Full frame body : all Canon models after Canon 5D - APS-C body: all Canon models after Canon 1D. Nikon : all Nikon DSLR models( up to 1/160sec)