Rimelite Fame 600e Studio Flash Kit (600 watts) Studio Strobe Light

by shuttermaster.com.ph

Flash Power(w/s): 600
(ISO100,RSH165H,m): 45.6
Variable Range of Flash: 4.5 F-stops (1/24 to 1/1)
Color Temperature: 5500(+/-200)
Power Control: Knob Volume
Display: N/A
Flash Duration (0.5t): 1/1010 to 1/1700
Recycling Time (Sec): 0.5 to 2.5
Halogen Lamp: 150/300W or Osram Halogen ECO 42W / E27
Sync Voltage: AC Fuse
Weight (kg): 2.7


2x Fame 600 Watts Flash Strobe
2x Modeling light
2x Plastic protective cover
2x Glass Dome protector
2x Power cord
1x Softbox 60x85cm (recessed)
1x Softbox 75x100cm(recessed)
2x Speedring adaptor
1x Swing 1 Transmitter (universal - any camera)
1x Swing 1 Receiver
2x Grand Light Stand
1x Studio Flash carrying case
1x Light stand carrying case