Aputure Light Box 30x120 (12 x 48")

by shuttermaster.com.ph

Key Features
  • Measures 12 x 48", 15.7" Depth
  • Removable 1.5 & 2.5-Stop Diffusers
  • Bowens Mount, 45° Fabric Grid
  • Narrow Design for Edge Lighting
  • Compact, Quick-Mounting 4-Rod Design
  • Carry Bag Included

The Light Box 30120 from Aputure is a softbox measuring 12 x 48" that mounts onto any light with a Bowens mount. It features a narrow, rectangular design so it can be used as a soft edge light or for reflections, and it can be tucked into corners and locations where larger softboxes are not able to fit. It can be a solution for corporate and broadcast work to create a soft and flattering light with open shadows.

The softbox comes with 1.5-stop and 2.5-stop removable diffusers, a 45° fabric grid, and it features a four-rod design that makes it easy to set up and break down. It is very lightweight at less than 2.4 lb and breaks down to fit into the included carry bag.


Key Features

Narrow 12 x 48" rectangular softbox with Bowens mount
15.7" depth
Narrow design for clean edge lights and reflections
Soft light quality with two diffusers with 1.5-stop and 2.5-stop densities
45° fabric light control grid included
Simple setup with four-rod design
Lightweight construction weighing only 2.4 lb
Carrying bag included