Accsoon F-C01 Follow Focus System

Key Features
  • Wireless Follow Focus/Zoom Controller
  • Focus Wheel, Motor & 15mm Rod Mount
  • Control from 328' Away
  • 8-Hour Battery Life
  • 0.8 MOD Gear, Wired Connection Option
  • Works with CineEye & CineView Components
  • Lightweight Plastic & Aluminum Housing

Drawing power from rechargeable batteries, the F-C01 Follow Focus System from Accsoon offers a wireless focus system that eliminates cable clutter on your rig and the option of a fast, wired motor connection. This kit includes a lens motor, a wireless focus controller wheel, a motor mount adapter, a 15mm rod, a 0.8 MOD focus gear ring, and both power and control cables.

The F-C01 is powered using a removable, separately available NP-FW50 battery that can power the handwheel for up to eight hours, and you can alternately power it using the included USB Type-C cable and a separately available power source. The handwheel can wirelessly connect to the motor from up to 328' away, and you can also utilize the USB Type-C cable to control the motor for even finer adjustments. The handwheel allows you to set hard A/B limits, and both units can be automatically or manually calibrated with a single button press. The system is also compatible with all Accsoon CineEye and CineView components.

Accurate and Stable Control

The F-C01 is equipped with a new FHSS system developed in-house by Accsoon. This tech allows the motor and the controller to communicate constantly, switching channels in unison at a speed of hundreds of times per second within the specified frequency range. The result is a stable connection that gives the user increased confidence and outperforms the competition systems.

Fast, Reliable Wireless Focusing Tool

The near real-time response between the motor and controller and high torque of 0.35 Nm provides 1st ACs and focus pullers a smooth and reliable focusing experience.

Quick A/B Point Setting

The F-C01 allows users to effortlessly set convenient A/B focus marks to ensure they hit their mark every time under an impressive 350' control range.

Affordable Power Solution

The F-C01 controller runs on the commonly available NP-FW50 battery. And the F-C01 motor can operate on a wide 5-16.8 VDC power range. Both DC to USB Type-C and D-Tap to USB Type-C cables are included and allow for the additional power required for stiffer, heavier lenses to be driven. When used as an on-camera focus control, the two units can be directly wired together via a USB Type-C cable.

Simple Camera Recording Control

F-C01's compact size pairs perfectly with most camera lenses, and it makes it easy to control camera recording start and stop with a separately available Accsoon camera control cable.

Control over Every Detail

Don't let the petite size of the F-C01 fool you; the system is robust and powerful. It features an OLED display on both the controller and the motor, offering an easy-to-use experience for your remote focus control and monitoring, so users have real-time control at any time over the power level, route bar, etc.

Seamless Integration

Up your on-set focusing game by combining the F-C01 and any of Accsoon's CineEye or CineView wireless transmission systems. The range of the Accsoon's Dual-Band wireless signal, matched with F-C01's FHSS technology ensures a seamless and dependable wireless experience on set.

High-Quality Calibration

F-C01 supports automatic and manual calibration, depending on your camera lens.

Fast Pairing

The F-C01 supports fast pairing using a PAIR button on the controller and the motor. The two units automatically and permanently pair with each other.

Powerful Physical Design

The controller wheel features 320° rotation and is made of durable, lightweight aluminum and plastic. The motor features 0.35Nm high torque and 225 rpm rotation speed, and it can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. A quick release mounting plate is included with the controller wheel for fast mounting and unmounting.