Veho VCC-A003-PHM Pro Handlebar Mount for Muvi,Muvi Turin & Muvi Pro

Veho VCC-A003-PHM (VCCA003PHM) Professional Handlebar Mount for MUVI DV Camcorder. The VCC-A003-PHM is designed for the Muvi, Muvi Turin and Muvi Pro and allows you to fix your micro DV camcorder to your cycle/motorcycle/rollbars securely and reduce vibrations when recording. It has a universal tripod mount connecter and comes complete with clip/mount for your Muvi.
Can be used in conjuction with VCC-A002-WPC Waterproof case using the tripod mount.
The Professional Handle Bar mount clamping mechanism and foam insert is designed to reduce vibration as well as securely attach the muvi in almost any position. The adjustable mounting ratchet allows you to angle the muvi in any direction to capture the best footage possible.