Veho-VC-A002-WPC Waterproof Case for Muvi,Muvi Turin & Muvi Pro

  • For veho Muvi, Muvi Turin & Muvi Pro
  • Protects Camcorder in Bad Weather
  • Depth Rating: 99'

The veho VCC-A002-WPC Waterproof Case is designed for the veho Muvi, Muvi Turin, and Muvi Pro camcorders. The case allows you to capture unique marine video footage down to 99' (30 m). The hard plastic housing will protect your camcorder when taking part in all water sports and in bad weather. The case can access most of the camcorder's controls.

Light & Small
Housing is so small and light it can be used for other sports including skiing, boating, kayaking, and canoeing, as well as shooting in bad weather conditions.
Stylish Protection
Hard plastic housing shields camcorder from sand, rain, and snow.
Usable Depth
Offers waterproof protection down to 99' (30m) deep.
Convenient Shoulder Strap
Convenient strap to carry when you are swimming and diving.
VCC-003-MUVI, VCC-003-MUVI-PRO, and MUVI Turin camcorders