Eartec UltraLITE 7-Person HUB Intercom System with 1 Max4G Single & 6 Single Headsets

by shuttermaster.com.ph
  • Allows Communication for 7-Person Crews
  • Extends Range of Communication
  • Over 1000' Range
  • 1 Portable Hub Mini Base Station
  • 6 UltraLITE Single-Ear Headsets
  • 1 Max4G Midweight Plug-In Headset
  • 1 8-Port Charging Station
  • Lasts up to 6 Hours on a 3 Hour Charge
  • Includes Batteries & Case
  • 1900 MHz DECT Frequency


    Bundled together by Eartec for your convenience, the UltraLITE 7-Person HUB intercom system is designed to facilitate wireless communication between seven-person crews as they work on projects. The system comprises a HUB mini base station, six UltraLITE single-sided remote headsets, and a Max4G single-sided, plug-in headset for direct use with the HUB. Also included are seven lithium batteries to power the various headsets, an eight-port charger with an adapter, and a large soft side case for ease of transport. 

    The HUB base station extends the range of your existing Eartec transceiver by 1312.3', and moreover, it's portable; you can wear it on a belt, and thus allow your hotspot to travel with you, or place it in a single, changeable location. The single-sided UltraLITE headsets are lightweight at 4 oz apiece, can transmit audio at a speed of 1.152 Mbps, and can last six hours before requiring a recharge, which you can accomplish via the included charging station. The master Max4G headset plugs directly into the HUB, can be worn on the right or left ear, and features much in the way of padding for comfort.

    • HUB Mini Duplex Transceiver Base for 1 Plug-In & Up to 6 Wireless UltraLITE Headsets

      Expand the capacity of UltraLite wireless headsets with the HUB Mini Duplex Transceiver Base for 1 Plug-In & Up to 6 Wireless UltraLITE Headsets from EarTec. This transceiver can be used when on-the-go as it comes equipped with a lithium polymer battery or it can be plugged in using the included AC adapter. Regardless of how you power it, the HUB offers 1/4-mile range along with 2 channels of communication as well as DECT technology making it easy to stay connected across the job site.


      Here`s the Link for connecting the Heaset & Hub Programming: