SMDV SM-601 Hot Shoe Adapter , DSLRs that use standard hot shoe flash


Product description

Safely regulates and reduces the flash-sync voltage of the flash or strobe unit. This is especially important for current automated SLRs or digital cameras when used with older flashes or lighting systems. The SMDV Hot Shoe Safe Sync Adapter mounts directly to a camera's hot shoe and provides a hot shoe on top and a PC female flash connection on the side. You can have two flashes connected via the hot shoe onto of the Safe Sync Adapter and the PF female connection.

**Note: The inner circuit of SM-512 prevents the high sync voltage of old flashes over 60V to work. So please kindly check the sync voltage of the flash that you have, and make sure it is not over 60 Volts. Flashes such as the Vivitar 100, 16m, 253, 255, Sunpak GX24, GX17, Auto 511, and many other Manufactures / Models.