SMDV FlashWave III Receiver Only


FlashWave is better than ever!!! Introducing new FlashWave-III! Enjoy wireless flash triggering with ease and simplicity.

FlashWave-III is one of the most compact and reliable flash slave (flash trigger) available. With the hot shoe built in to the receiver unit, there is no need to buy or carry any cables, adapters or accessories. Simple and reliable!

o 2.4GHz operating frequency 
o Much greater range than the previous FlashWave models 
o Faster flash sync speed than before 
o Ability to sync at up to 8 FPS (frames per second) 
o Able to fully function as wireless shutter release with optional accessory cables 
o In wireless shutter release mode, FlashWave-III can control camera's autofocus function. 
o Transmitter uses a single CR2450 battery (included). 
o Incompatible with previous FlashWave models 
o Compatible with Canon flashes, but may be incompatible with Metz, Sigma, and Sunpak flashes made for Canon