Sekonic L-478D LiteMaster PRO Light Meter


Full HD & HD Cine Modes

Cine/HD Cine modes for today’s HDSLR and Video Cine cameras. Effortlessly switch between HDSLR and Cine for exact exposure settings in exact increments for both.

Product Highlights:

Incident Metering for Ambient & Flash
Reflected 5 degree spot metering with optional viewfinder attachment
2.7" Color Touchscreen LCD
Incident, Reflected & Flash Light Meter
Custom Exposure Profiles and Calibration
Flash Exposure Analyzing Function
Filtration Compensation Mode
Illuminance/Luminance Measurements
Contrast Function & Memory Mode
Adjustable Menu Navigation
Retractable and Removable Lumisphere
Photo, Video and Cine Applications
AAA Battery Power Source