Savage Widetone Seamless Background Paper (#58 Studio Blue, 9ft x 36ft)


Photograph people and products against a smooth, uncluttered background with this 9ft x 36ft roll of #58 studio blue Widetone Seamless Background Paper from Savage. To facilitate even lighting, the surface of the paper is non-reflective and has a fine-tooth finish. In addition to photography, the paper may be used for events, decorations, banners, and more. This studio blue paper is optimized for blue screen and chroma key applications, allowing individuals to create an effective background or set.

  • For Creating Smooth, Even Backgrounds
  • Designed for Chroma Key Work
  • Fine-Tooth, Non-Reflective Surface
  • Paper Density: 100 lb / 145 gsm
  • Thickness: 7.6 mil
  • Recyclable
  • Acid-Free Material
  • Core-Wound
  • Interior Core Diameter: 2.125"
  • Wrapped in a Plastic Sleeve