Rimelite XB 500 (500 Watts) Studio Strobe Light

by shuttermaster.com.ph

The fastest and strongest STROBE

Innovative lay-out, epoch-making recharging time

Technology of XB PRIME

XB PRIME can be controlled by a remote control with 2.4 GHz frequency. After holding a remote control, anyone can control STROBE by channel, group, resource of light, function buttons. New controlling way will lead studio people to new photography world.

Leading technology

You can control lighting of strobe and resource of light through PC. Faster wireless 2.4 GHz frequency makes wireless controlling possible. When operating XB PRIME, GROUP and CHANNEL ID are allocated. Through total 5 groups, you can apply total 10 strobes according to each GROUP, it will make you possible to control total 50 strobes by PC

Ubiquitous Design

All device of XB PRIME can receive and transmit by wireless 2.4 GHz frequency. You can control exactly remote control, PC, camera hotshoe, STROBE receiver etc.

ACS Mode

Changing exposure value does not happen on almost all STROBEs when set initially. In addition, the only person who set initially could know the aperture value. XB PRIME can control exposure by F-stop. As exposure value of digital camera is displayed, controlling resource of light is possible through controlling exposure linkaged with aperture value.

High performance control processor, digital encoder

In case of turning dial to change shutter speed of DSLR and aperture, RIME LITE designers apply mechanism to strobes. XB PRIME series solved slow problem on slow controlling due to push-button style. To control precisely and exactly, Digital encoder , which only the world’s companies applied, was applied and commercialized. If you are a professional photographer, quicker shooting can be possible through 2 digital encoder to control frozon action photographing and continuous photographing of XB PRIME.

Clear 2 inch LCD, Quick UI

Unlike irregular particles of STROBE LCD panel, blue panel, which is applied to XB PRIME, displays smaller particle. Inner particles are getting smaller, then equal. It makes inner light come out in minute detail. So light reflection gets to decreased and have a sharp picture.

7.0 F-stop, Powerful performance

XB PRIME, which is developed for customers, is possible to control 7.0 f-stop exposure which reaches 7.0 steps. XB PRIME provides Prop Mode and Continuous functions using maximum 1kw halogen lamp to use continuous light.

Capacitor, core at strobe

Electrolytic aluminum capacitor used in strobe is small compared with other capacitor and large-capacity energy device. Capacitors built in XB PRIME are designed to make charging and discharging faster in device which needs momentary high currents. Capacitors are also designed for energy-cut, so that the life span of cycle is increased.


Measuring the temperature for prevent- ing overheat & displaying condition

XB PRIME is equipped with sensor, so that XB PRIME measures temperature in real time. In addition, temperature inside of STROBE is displayed through LCD disply. In case of using this function, you can control firing term of frozon action photographing

Protecting Glass for safety

Protecting Glass built in STROBE prevents users more than flashtube and halogen lamp. Protecting glass used for XB PRIME is upgraged. It changes equipping by PIN type into turntable which makes mount possible

Separation system

To meet photographers’ need around the world, Rime lite demonstrates seperation style to maximize professionals’ expression. We hope to remember it the best strobe

Continuous light of powerful 650w modeling for vivid FULL HD imag- ing photograph

The role of modeling light is just to make subjects bright, so that it beyond the role to adjust the focus, is being used widely for aperture open photograph XB PRIME can use frozen action photograph as well as continuous photograph by STROBE through equipping maximum 1Kw modeling lamp. It performs a role as a continuous light for high-definition image making. Since it does not have Flicker phenomenon, so that there is no error, you can enjoy image making. We support digital camcorder’s high-definition image which is done with profession studio as well as open-aperture photography. Feel various attraction of XB PRIME

Model XB PRIME 5
Flash Power(w/s) 500
Remote Control
PC (Windows)
Mac (OSX)
Smartphone (Apple, Android)
Tablet (Apple, Android)
S-III High Sync
(Fast Shutter Speed)
Variable Range of Flash 7.0 F-stops
Color Temperature 5500(+/-200)
Power Control Digital Encoder
Display LCD
Flash Duration (0.5t) 1/2200
Recycling Time (Sec) 0.05~0.8
Halogen Lamp 150/300/650/1kw
based GX 6.35
Separated Model
Sync Voltage Dual Input AC Fuse
Weight (kg) 2.8
Dimension (L x W x H, mm) 337x120x255