Rimelite SBSR 4040 Square Softbox 100x100cm (Strobe Light not Included)

by shuttermaster.com.ph

Size: 100x100

Depth: 42cm

Standard Fabric: 1.0kg

Rime Fabric: 0.7kg

Designed for strobe light shaping the Square Softbox series is a multipurpose softbox that delivers an even natural light and ultimate versatility.

Total control: This easily adaptable system is an excellent light shaping tool for all users, whether you are a beginner or a professional photographer. Equipped with our double rip diffusers, the softbox eliminates hot spots and extreme highlights.

Superior Softbox material

Rimelite’s fabric has been tested and tested in a variety of locations in order to satisfy photographers’ need all around the world. The softbox is perfect anytime, anywhere. A more accurate system is the right solution for the new digital-workflow.


The waterproofing process ensures that the Rime Grid Fabric and diffusers are free from-form change, color change and the refraction of light as this fabric does not retain moisture, so enabling a longer life and quality of photo shots.Also, it can prevent the fabric from discoloration



Non-usage of any fluorescent chemical in making all Rimelite Diffusers

Special processing and the use of non-fluorescent dyes in our diffusers reduces blue toning in photo imaging.

Rimelite developed a non-fluorescent material of diffusers which can prevent discoloration and distortion of light resources