Rimelite i.G16 i.grandbox 16 diameter 120cm

by shuttermaster.com.ph
Advanced mechanism, Easy set-up, and convenient portability

It creates a superior image in the studio and on location, all sizes of i.Grandbox16 have
a Sufficient focus length, offers the adjustment of position of light source precisely

Zoom-In bounce system

Durable materials, allowable to sustain up to 5 kg Monolight or Strobe head, adjustable and focusable the lighting position
inside the i.Grandbox16 and 24, offers a precisely concentrated beam or a broad spread of light source with a very soft light.

Smart ‘One-touch locking mechanism’, 16 segments, perfect parabolic shape Softbox

High contrast balance as the key light, soft modifier as the fill light,
talented and perfect harmony with Zoom-in bounce creates superior result as you imagine.
Variable accessories ‘Dual diffusers’, ‘Honeycomb grids’ and ‘beautiful Zoom-in bounce’

Dual diffusers, Fabric grids and Zoom in bounce system, supports
an exciting and brilliant shooting whatever you want

Optimized solution for various photography Group shots, full-length portrait, fashion
and commercial photography.

Mount Adapters for Zoom-In Bounce System

i.Grandbox adapters are made of durable material, aluminum and have light weight.

These can be mount 25 brands, such as Broncolor, Bowens, Profoto Elinchrom and so on, and our i.Grandbox.

Hidden technology: ‘Rimelite Diffuser’

Engineers at Rimelite designed Rimelite diffuser with the effect to reduce backlight on photos in mind.
Our effort ultimately resulted in the birth of new fabric diffusers: Standard type diffuser, Double-lip type diffuser and Video type diffuser. The Double-lip type diffuser can provide soft light up to 2 times softer than the Standard type. The Video type on the other hand, shows excellent performance on taking video.

Superior Softbox material

Rimelite’s fabric has been tested and tested in a variety of locations in order to satisfy photographers’ need all around the world. The softbox is perfect anytime, anywhere. A more accurate system is the right solution for the new digital-workflow.


The waterproofing process ensures that the Rime Grid Fabric and diffusers are free from-form change, color change and the refraction of light as this fabric does not retain moisture, so enabling a longer life and quality of photo shots.
Also, it can prevent the fabric from discoloration.

Non-usage of any fluorescent chemical in making all Rimelite Diffusers

Special processing and the use of non-fluorescent dyes in our diffusers reduces blue toning in photo imaging.
Rimelite developed a non-fluorescent material of diffusers which can prevent discoloration and distortion of light resources.

Designed for radiant heat.

Rimelite technicians applied many special materials in developing new fabric material which is able to endure the high temperature of all Rimelite strobes that use 1 KW Halogen lamp. This is the evidence that all Rimelite products are made for real professional photographers.

Special UV coating

The light source of flash units produces UV-R and UV-A, 390nm~ 400nm, this light can affect the color quality of photos, but the specially applied UV coating to our diffusers reduces UV-Rand UV-A light by up to 98%, so the desired color of the shot can be achieved with absolute confidence. Through UV chemical coating, all soft boxes have a strong resistance against shape modification. The UV chemical coating is also corrosion and chemical resistant. Moreover, it prevents discoloration and keeps all Rimelite diffusers from turning yellow. Diffusers available in the market made with standard fabric could hardly endure the high thermal heat from light exposure and most starts yellowing in a very short time.


Rimelite’s fabric is made to be ‘discoloration-free’ and Rimelite diffusers are manufactured against yellowing.
Diffusers available in the market made with standard fabric could hardly endure the high thermal heat from light exposure and most starts yellowing in a very short time.

Duralumin Rods

Duralumin was first used in building aircrafts due to its strong properties. This special rod can support the shape of the Soft box for a long time as it has high elasticity and strong wearing resistance.