Rimelite GSB 47 Grand Softbox 120cm (Strobe Light not Included)

by shuttermaster.com.ph

Size: Φ120

Depth: 50cm

Weight(Rime) 1.4kg

Weight(Video): 1.9kg

Perfect Expression of Light

Total control in creating the desired lighting effect in large areas is the ‘go’ through this parabolic softbox.

Made from Rime fabric, the finely calibrated inner surface coating, in combination with our range of diffusers and products, enables the photographer to create light from buttery fort to sharp contrast.

The added benefit of lightweight construction makes it so easy to relocate in the studio and to transport on location.

Superior Softbox material

Rimelite’s fabric has been tested and tested in a variety of locations in order to satisfy photographers’ need all around the world. The softbox is perfect anytime, anywhere. A more accurate system is the right solution for the new digital-workflow.


The waterproofing process ensures that the Rime Grid Fabric and diffusers are free from-form change, color change and the refraction of light as this fabric does not retain moisture, so enabling a longer life and quality of photo shots.Also, it can prevent the fabric from discoloration.

Non-usage of any fluorescent chemical in making all Rimelite Diffusers

Special processing and the use of non-fluorescent dyes in our diffusers reduces blue toning in photo imaging.

Rimelite developed a non-fluorescent material of diffusers which can prevent discoloration and distortion of light resources.