Rimelite Fame 6e Strobe Light (600 watts) (Receiver not Included)

by shuttermaster.com.ph

Flash Power(w/s): 600
(ISO100,RSH165H,m): 45.6
Variable Range of Flash: 4.5 F-stops (1/24 to 1/1)
Color Temperature: 5500(+/-200)
Power Control: Knob Volume
Display: N/A
Flash Duration (0.5t): 1/1010 to 1/1700
Recycling Time (Sec): 0.5 to 2.5
Halogen Lamp: 150/300W or Osram Halogen ECO 42W / E27
Sync Voltage: AC Fuse
Weight (kg): 2.7

Most consumers want Strobe

FAME series support the power output from 200 to 600w/s. In addition, it is equipped with continuous light function. It can be equipped with SWING-I, a wireless triggering system, making wireless photography possible.

There is a lot of conditions customers want, but the most ideal strobe is a strobe that helps to make good picture easily.

Rime lite’s Fame that is designed for this condition has established its own independent domains.

Let us introduce the upgraded FAME

Convenient User Interface

Fame series strobe setting is made directly on the control panel
You can control sound, modeling lamp ON/OFF, synchronicity setting, test firing, buy buttons on panel

FAME 2.0

A great deal of weight is placed on studios and shopping mall, but beginners feel a big burden to use strobe.

Rime lite’s Fame provides convenient operating system for beginner users.

Fame reinforces the strength and makes up for the weakness.

You can control from low resource of light to high resource of light

Upgraded wireless trigger

You can quip new type SWING with 2.4 GHz in Fame. SWING is designed to make mount possible only to STROBE. Wireless transferring and receiving is done with strong 2.4 GHz frequency. In addition, it builds synergies with RIME LITE STROBE. Platform was applied to Hot Shoe, which is connected to camera, and receiver, which is equipped with STROBE. You can put receiver on the rear of strobe. Meet more upgraded flash trigger.

* SWING is an option

Flash Tube

Xenon Flash Tube is a core component among any other components. It gives you the exact color temperature.

Please, check “H” mark on the leg of flash tube.