Pixel TD-383 Flashgun Power pack for Nikon SB800

by shuttermaster.com.ph
 TD-383 is a power pack for Nikon flashgun
* Using two groups of symmetrical charge system, it‘s more stabile charging voltage and faster recycles time.
* Flexible and convenience to use choose charging with one or two group freely.
* Stand-by power consumption is more save and recycle power compare with similar product.
* The flashgun power pack has built-in thermal protection switch, when the frequent use lead to thermal. Protection of power pack, it stops working. However, the battery pack will continue work after cooling.

* Applicable To: for Nikon
* Compatible flash:for Nikon flashgun:SB-800,SB-80DX,SB-28DX, SB-28,SB-27, SB-26,SB-25, SB-24,SB-22, SB-20,SB-11
* Fastest recycle time (sec): 1.24
* 1 flash charging times: 524
* Measurement (L X W X H): 170 X 72.5 X 25 MM