JJC LS-52S Rubber Screw in hood 52mm

by shuttermaster.com.ph
The JJC Collapsible Silicone Lens Hood LS-52S is a great pick for professionals. It is made of premium materials that ensure durability. JJC provides an exceptional range of camera accessories that include all kinds of remote shutter cords and wireless remote control, remote switch, camera batteries, camera charger, hand strap and more. JJC places a lot of emphasis on quality to ensure total customer satisfaction. Offering professional service and excellent products, JJC is favoured by numerous consumers.
- A lens hood provides,multiple functions
- It shades the lens from stray light,improving the contras and image quality
- It protects the front barrel from the inevitable impacts agains walls,door frames,and other real-life obstacles
- Collapse it for wide angle shooting
- Hood made of hight quality silicone which can be collapsed easily
- In inclement weather,it can assist in keeping moisture or wind-blow debris off the lens
- Extend it for telephoto shooting
- Filters can be mounted on the hood directly without taking off itself from camera