Jinbei EFII-60 (LED) Sun Light

by shuttermaster.com.ph

Key Features:

  • Power supply from the mains or battery
  • Ideal for use in the studio and on the go
  • The same battery type as for Jinbei EF-12 / EF-20 / EFII-20 BiColor / EFP-50 BiColor LED panel, available separately from Jinbei
  • Illuminance from 13,800 lx to 0.5 m
  • High color accuracy for photographers and filmmakers CRI & gt; 96, TLCI & gt; 977)
  • Bowens S-type bayonet for many light shapers
  • No annoying flash light
  • Constant control over the illumination
  • Low power consumption, constant color temperature, long service life
  • Flicker-free light characteristics are ideal for video recordings
  • Stepless power setting via control dial
  • Informative LC display
  • Remote control with separately available Jinbei radio remote control EF-RC

EFII-60 LED Sun Light steady light with dual power supply

With the Jinbei EFII-60 LED Sun Light steady light Jinbei offers a compact LED continuous light with interesting highlights. In the first place is the dual power supply from the mains or from the battery, which enables extremely flexible work in the studio or on location. There is also onehigh color accuracy for perfect photo and video recordings. The universal Bowens S-type bayonet The technical equipment complements a wide range of light shapers and a wide range of options when designing the light.

Almost limitless photography and filming

The outstanding technical feature of the EFII-60 LED continuous light is that it is both from the mains as well as two batteries that are available separately from Jinbei can be supplied with electricity. If there are long photo shoots or video sessions in the studio, you work without interruption with electricity from the socket. When recording outside of the studio you are with the separately available powerful lithium-ion batteries Jinbei NP-F970 Sony® mobile, independent and ready for use at any time. The choice of power supply is quick: connect the power cord or attach the batteries,Set AC or DC on the on / off switch - that's all.

Battery also fits other Jinbei battery LED steady lights

The special thing about the separately available Jinbei NP-F970 Sony® Batteries of the EFII-60 is that they also fit the Jinbei EF-12 / EF-20 / EFII-20 BiColor / EFP-50 BiColor LED panels! This Interchangeability simplifies the handling of the devices enormously, makes your equipment clearer and less extensive. You need a single type of battery for your permanent lights and always have mobile light at hand.

Note: There are other NP-F970 Sony manufacturers® Batteries for which we Not can guarantee compatibility with our LED continuous lights!

High color accuracy for photographers and filmmakers

The color accuracy of a light source is extremely important for photographers and filmmakers. The measure of this is the Color rendering index (Color Rendering Index CRi for photographers and the Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI for videographers. Both give information about the quality of the reproduced colors, for both the ideal value is "100". The Jinbei LED continuous light offers with one CRi over 96 and one TLCI of over 97optimal conditions for a natural and realistic color rendering.

Bowens S-type bayonet for professional lighting design

The Bowens S-type connection offers you all possibilities of professional and creative lighting with the EFII-60 LED steady light. Light shapers that you have in stock for your studio flash units also fit the EFII-60 via this widespread connection. With a new purchase you have the choice from a huge assortment of different providers.

Continuous LED light with many advantages

From the outside, the EFII-60 looks like a studio flash unit, the inside is the most modern LED continuous lighting technology, which offers many advantages in photography and filming. When shooting children, portraits, fashion or animals relaxed work with your model - without annoying flash - in the foreground. The constant Control over the planned illumination is another positive aspect of continuous lighting technology. This will help you with many photographic tasks, for example in product and food photography. Videographers appreciate that for their shoot flicker-free characteristics of the LED light.

60 watt light output, low heat development, reduced power consumption

With the 60 watt LED the continuous light produces constant light similar to daylight (Sun Light with a color temperature of 5500 Kelvin and is a guarantee for reproducible pictures. With the EFII-60, you can reach 13,800 lux at half a meter away.

In addition, the LED continuous light convinces with its lower heat development and its reduced power consumption (up to 90 percent less than an equivalent halogen lamp. Add to that the long, environmentally friendly life of over 100,000 operating hours.

Comfort features make operation easier

You set the desired light output continuously with a control dial on the back of the device. You control all settings on the clear LC display.

Operation with the optionally available manual Jinbei EF-RC LED remote control. With it you can control the power and color temperature individually. The remote control saves you a lot of work with large structures in the studio or with on location shootings. The radio remote controls TR-Q7, TR-V6 and TRS-V are also compatible, but they cannot be used to adjust the power.

The EFII-60 has one for mounting the LED continuous light on a lamp tripod or on a gallows Spigot connection.