Jinbei EF-200 Sun Light Daylight LED Monolight, 200W

by shuttermaster.com.ph

Key Features:

  • Beam Spread: 120°
  • Color Temperature: 5500K Daylight
  • CRI: 95, 10-100% Dimming
  • Multi-Voltage AC Operation

The EF-200 Sun Light Daylight LED from Jinbei is a 5500K daylight-balanced, 200-watt, monolight-style continuous LED light source. It has an integrated Bowens-style reflector mount, making it compatible with a wide variety of light modifiers. The nearly silent fan cools the light quietly enough to make it suitable for both still imaging and video-based applications.

Bowens-S Style Reflector Mount

The EF-200 features a Bowens-S Style reflector mount, making it compatible with a wide variety of reflectors, softboxes, and other light modifiers

Multi-Voltage AC Operation

Travel and use this LED anywhere in the world using its integral multi-voltage operation capability.

Intuitive Local and Remote Control

Adjust your output setting simply using the large output control knob on the rear panel. Settings may also be adjusted remotely using the TR-A6 or EF-RC wireless remote, available separately. Settings are easily read and replicated thanks to the large LCD display on the rear of the housing.