Godox LSD-80 Led Mini Photography Studio (Light Tent)

by shuttermaster.com.ph

Light Tent LSD-80

Double-light LED mini photography studio,
unfolded size is 80 * 80 * 80cm.
With arranged light boards and high light brightness
to offer time-saving and labor-saving shooting.
Double light boards whose location can be adjusted freely.
High color rendering index (CRI>96, TLCI≥98) to present
the objects authentically.
Shooting from various angles.
Light and portable, easy to operation and simple installation.
Suitable for all equipment with shooting functions.

Color Temperature: 5800K±200K
Color Rendering Index:
CRI: >96
TLCI: ≥98
Light Board Quantity: 2pcs
Inner Light Brightness: 10,000~11,000 lumen
Power: 40W
Item Size: 80 * 80 * 80cm / 31.5 * 31.5 * 31.5 inch
Item Weight: 4.5Kg / 9.9Lbs

1 x Black Background Cloth
1 x White Background Cloth
12 x Metal Racks
2 x LED Light Board
8 x Right Angle
4 x LED Light Board Holder
1 x Inner White Diffuser
1 x Outer Black/Silver Cloth
1 x Power Cord
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Carrying Bag


Top View

Full Shooting

FRONT SIDE’S Upper Window

FRONT SIDE’S Lower Window 

FRONT SIDE’S Whole Window