Godox Led 170 LED Video Light

by shuttermaster.com.ph

This LED video light is excellent for macrophotography, product shooting, photojournalistic and video recording, wedding videography etc. This lightweight and portable light provides high brightness and accurate color temperature. It comes with a diffusion filter and a yellow filter, and also supports multiple power supply modes. You can flexibly control the light brightness by using the dimmer and change the illumination direction by using the angle adjusting knobs.

Colour temperature: 6500 K
Power: 10W
Weight: 348 g
Width: 108.6 mm
Depth: 42.5 mm
Height: 172 mm

Power Options:
1x Sony NP-F series battery (not included)
8x AA batteries (not included)
1x DC Input Power 6 to 12 VDC (not included)

Warranty: 6 Months