Godox H-600P Extension Head for AD600Pro Flash Head

by shuttermaster.com.ph

Product Highlights

  • Draws Power from the AD600Pro
  • 600Ws Output
  • Uses the AD600Pro's Battery and Controls
  • Lightweight, Easy to Hand-Hold
  • Built-In Handle
The H-600P Extension Head for AD600Pro Flash Head from Godox is a novel way to maximize the versatility of your flash system. After removing the flash tube from the AD600Pro and attaching it to the Extension Head, it plugs into the AD600Pro's flash tube socket and draws 600Ws of power from it. One benefit of this arrangement is the substantially lighter weight of the Extension Head that allows it to be hung or mounted overhead while you make adjustments from the body of the AD600Pro from below. Another possibility is toting the AD600Pro in a shoulder bag while you hand-hold the Extension Head for different lighting effects.