FUJIFILM - Fujinon KF 8x25 M-RII KF Series Compact Binoculars

by shuttermaster.com.ph

The KF series was produced by Fujifilm, which is completely waterproof and suitable for a wide range of applications such as watching sports and bird watching.


  • Excellent optics for enhanced visibility.

    The lenses are multi-coated for bright and clear viewing.

  • Innovative design and tough body.

    The KF series has a tough design from professional-use models, which are designed to be completely waterproof.

  • Enviromentally frendly "eco - glass".

    Environmentally friendly glass without hazardous materials is used for lenses and prisms.

  • Compact type porro binoculars.

  • The high refractive index of the Bak4 porro prisms and the multi-coating ensure a clear view.

  • The long eye relief design and twist-up eyepieces allow for comfortable viewing even with glasses on.

  • Soft case, strap, eyepiece cap, and lens cloth included.