Rimelite Fame 250 (Duo Package) (250 watts) Studio Strobe Light

by shuttermaster.com.ph
Flash Power(w/s): 250
(ISO100,RSH165H,m): 32.1
Variable Range of Flash: 4.5 F-stops (1/24 to 1/1)
Color Temperature: 5500(+/-200)
Power Control: Knob Volume
Display: N/A
Flash Duration (0.5t): 1/1080 to 1/4000
Recycling Time (Sec): 0.3 to 2.0
Halogen Lamp: 150/300W or Osram Halogen ECO 42W / E27
Sync Voltage: AC Fuse
Weight (kg): 2.1


2x Fame 250 Watts Flash Strobe
2x Modeling light
2x Plastic protective cover
2x Glass Dome protector
2x Power cord
2x Softbox 60x60cm (recessed)
2x Speedring adaptor
1x Swing 1 Transmitter (universal - any camera)
1x Swing 1 Receiver
2x Grand Light Stand
1x Studio Flash carrying case
1x Light stand carrying case