Falcon Eyes DV-3B Led Light with Goose neck

by shuttermaster.com.ph

Falcon Eyes DV-series Macro LED Lamp is a LED lamp suitable for macro photography especially for very small object such as jewelry, since it could produce many different color temperatures by using different color filters.

The DV-series are equipped with a standard hotshoe connection, enabling you to mount the LED lamp on top of your camera. Alternatively, the DV-3B can be mounted on a light stand or tripod via the integrated demale screw thread to help positioning the light easily.


Main Features

If you wish to create some colorful light spots into your frame at a short focal length, Falcon Eyes DV-3B is the best option for the task.

Sitting on a hot shoe mount, DV-3B can be easily attached to your DSLR. Many features are adjustable:

Position: DV3B comes with 3 LEDs on separate magic arms that are fully adjustable to different positions for desired light effect;

Power: Each LED is controlled by a separate dimmer and power dial. You may manipulate the power of each LED independently;

Angle of illumination: It can be adjusted by turning the lamp head focusing cover on each LED respectively;

Light restriction: 3 mini-snoots are included in the package for creating light spots;

Colour: red, yellow, blue and green colour filters are included for colour manipulations;

With clever design and fully controllable features, DV-3B cannot be missed in your macro creative scenes.

Falcon Eyes triple LED magic light;