Aputure VS-5X V-Screen 7" On-Camera Monitor

by shuttermaster.com.ph
  • 7" 1920 x 1200 Display
  • SDI and HDMI I/O with Cross Conversion
  • 450 cd/m² LCD Panel
  • RGB Waveform, Histogram, and Vectorscope
  • Dual NP-F Battery Slots
  • Power via 2.5mm DC Input
  • Includes D-Tap Power Cable
  • Includes Ball Mount and Sun Hood

Featuring RGB waveform and histogram, as well as a vectorscope, the Aputure VS-5X V-Screen 7" On-Camera Monitor can be used to assist in consistent imagery throughout your production. HDMI and SDI I/O can connect to both consumer/prosumer gear, or professional and broadcast equipment, on either end. Cross conversion between the inputs and outputs even allows for consumer equipment to be used with broadcast equipment, and vice-versa. The 1920 x 1200 screen can fit Full HD images without scaling, while leaving room for data display such as timecode, scopes, and other relevant information. Scopes can be displayed as overlays, or side-by-side with a scaled down video image. Power can either be provided by the built-in NP-F battery slots, or via the 2.5mm barrel jack. A D-Tap cable is included for powering off professional batteries or power distribution plates. The 450 cd/m² screen is more than adequate for indoor viewing. A sun hood with mounting bracket is included to block glare outdoors. HDMI cables, a cleaning cloth, a shoe mount, and a carry pouch are also included to round out the package.

LCD Panel
Like the FineHD monitor line, the VS-5X sports a 1920 x 1200 LCD display for representing Full HD images without scaling. The 160-degree viewing angle makes it easy to see from all angles, and the additional monitor space under the 7" display allows for indicators, shortcuts, signal inputs, and battery info to be seen without overlapping or interfering with your picture.
Versatile I/O Options
HDMI and SDI inputs can interface with professional and consumer video equipment. Cross conversion allows for versatile workflow options, enabling consumer gear to interface with broadcast-grade switchers and recorders, and vice-versa.
Power Options
Two NP-F battery slots can accept a wide variety of batteries, while allowing for hot-swapping to keep the monitor running. A separate optional DC 2.5mm adapter, or Gold/V-Mount batteries with the included D-Tap cable, can also power the VS-5X.
Sun Hood Included
For outdoor shooting, secure the sun hood for glare-free monitoring. Both the hood and the mounting bracket are included in the box.

Monitoring Tools

RGB Waveform
With both RGB parade and RGB overlay modes available, these valuable on-set tools can help you accurately find the pixel-to-pixel color values of your images. This makes it easier to calibrate your image's white balance, ensuring greater consistency between images and less time required in post for color matching.
Another valuable tool for analyzing color, the vectorscope built into the VS-5X measures the hue and saturation of the image. Using these measurements, directors, DITs, and colorists can quickly make necessary adjustments to achieve accurate and consistent colors.
Scope Display
The RGB waveforms, vectorscope, and RGB histogram can all be displayed on the screen simultaneously, while the video image is scaled down for concurrent viewing and accurate framing.
Other Monitoring Tools
Besides monitoring color, the VS-5X can also display zebra lines, false color, peaking, a volume bar, and SDI timecode functions that can be used to better monitor your production workflow.