AP Developing Tank

by shuttermaster.com.ph
The excellent range of AP Compact Developing Tanks has come top in past photographic reviews as being the preferred option over Jobo and Paterson. The main reason for this endorsement is that their tanks are so easy to load.

They contain thumb grips on the wide film insert area on the spiral, which of course is a big benefit not only to school or college students but also to anyone who is starting film developing for the first time. They are made from unbreakable plastic that is heat-resistant, watertight and opaque to light. The seal on the light-tight lid is, in our view, better than an equivalent Paterson one as the plastic and rubber are moulded together.

A small stainless steel ball housed in the film entry track ensures it blocks anti-backward movement. The spirals accept 135/126/127 and 120-220 formats and the spirals are compatible with all Paterson tanks on the market. This means that even if you do not need a new tank you can still experience the benefits of this new system by purchasing one of the Compact Auto Spirals.

The 35mm version contains one spiral while the Universal comes with two spirals included in the tank