Godox SL-200W Led Light 200w/s

by shuttermaster.com.ph
SL Series Video Light offers high light brightness and color redering index with powerful LED beads. It creates stable light resource and even illumination for video recording, photojournalistic and wedding shooting, etc.

The SL-200W white version video light continuous on photography studio light featured 200w led bulbs guarantee high light brigtness, color rendering index is over 90 and R9 is over 50

Wirelessly adjust light brightness, RC-A5 remote control wireless 433MHz 6 groups & 16 channels grouping system, large-sized LCD panel, setting auto saved

Unique Bowens Mount design, easy installation of beam tube, soft box, umbrellas and other accessories. Bracket mounting and adjustable handle, Support various Light adjust, Perfect temperature control function to prevent overheating, premium heatsink and built-in fan to offer excellent heat dissipation

Specialized protect cover to protect the LED beads, 100% illuminance(LUX): 12000(1m), 100% Luminous Flux: 20000, Color Rendering Index: Above 95, TLCI(Qa): Above 90, R9: Above 70, High speed Responding, Instantaneous start and restart; stable light source, no flicker, long service life