Godox RFT-06 (120x180cm) 5-in-1 Collapsible Reflector

by shuttermaster.com.ph

Reflector size: 120x180 cm

5-in-1 reflector: translucent, white, silver, soft gold, gold.

- an elastic frame of a round or rectangular shape, covered with a translucent fabric. The set includes a zippered cover with various light-modifying surfaces.

Diffuser (translucent)

Use to reduce the brightness and soften the light falling on the subject. On a bright sunny day, the diffuser becomes an indispensable tool. Allows you to convert the light output from a point light source (flash) to a softer one, suitable for shooting portraits.

A translucent diffuser can also work for reflection, while it gives a very soft, subdued illumination of the object.


  1. White - used to highlight the shadow side of an object, does not change the color temperature of the reflected light. Convenient when shooting video.
  2. Silver - Produces a brighter and harsher reflected light than a white reflector. Indispensable in cloudy weather.
  3. Gold - comparable in intensity to a silver reflector, but unlike the latter, it gives the reflected light a warm tint. Used to simulate sunlight.
  4. Soft Gold - Similar to gold, but gives a softer reflected light.

Light absorption, flag

The black side of the reflector is used to exclude the object from the illumination area. It also allows you to add shadows to the subject when the scene is overly evenly lit.

Keying background:

blue and green backgrounds are used in photography and video filming for the subsequent cutting of an object from the background in a graphics editor.