Falcon Eyes FLB-6161AB Photo Box 6x16W Foldable 60x60x60 cm

by shuttermaster.com.ph
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Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 60

This delux portable photo studio box, equipped with sophisticated built-in lighting system, is specifically designed and engineered for users to take high quality product photos quickly and easily.

This Falcon Eyes light box is suitable for quickly taking product photographs of small objects such as jewellery, glasses, coins or other small objects of up to approximately 30 cm. This 'Portable light box' is a complete mini studio, which is easy to set up. This mini studio comes with lamps, diffuse cloth and silver reflection cloths and it has a white inside. You also get a carrying bag so the box can be brought along on location.

The photo box offers several possibilities as for lighting. You have the possibility to equip the lamps with a diffuser for creating softer light. When you need more output or harder lighting you can equip the photo box with silver reflection cloths. 

The photo box has several openings so you can take the pictures from the front and from the top. The lens opening on top is 12 x 12 cm, the opening at the front maximal 25 x 11.5 cm. Both lens openings can be closed so you are not bothered by incoming light.

At the front the photo box has two spiral lamps on the left- and right side so you have a total of 6 x 16 watt (480 watt) output with a colour temperature of 5000 - 5300 K. The two lamps are controllable with two switches so you can switch between the two lamps. You could also fix the supplied diffuse cloth in front of the lamps so you get a more diffuse light.  


  • Light box
  • 6 spiral lamps 16W (320 watt)
  • 2 Diffuse cloths
  • 3 Silver reflection cloths
  • 1 Front cloth with zipper
  • Cable 220 volt