CobraCrane Carry Bag with Nylon Handle for BackPacker/FotoCrane Camera Jib

The Backpaker padded backpack is a must-have accessory for their most popular camera jib arm. Made of quality materials, this bag is designed to last and keep your camera jib in top working condition. Carry your BackPacker and tripod on your back and leave your hands free for camera bags and other tools FEATURES & BENEFITS Padded backpack comes with shoulder straps for ease of transport. Made of durable padded canvas with nylon handles. Padded divider on inside of bag. Large zippered side pocket. 

Everything is in easy reach to get remove your BackPacker or BackPacker UltraLite in and out in a second. Secure zipper runs the length of the bag. Use the PCB63 for all CobraCrane 1, CobraCrane 2, CobraCrane UltraLites and Dolly track. Use the PCB73 for all PLUS and HD cranes.