BY-WXLR8 UHF Wireless XLR Transmitter

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Product Highlights:

· UHF transmission with 48 channels

· A or B channel group for selection

· Compatible with BY-WM6 Receiver and BY-WM8 Receiver

· Auto-Lock Prevents Accidental Adjustment

· OLED Display

· Locking XLR & 3.5mm TRS Inputs

· Operation range can reach up to 100m

· Selectable Mic, Line Input, MIX Input

· Powered by one Two AA Batteries

The BY-WXLR8 Plug-On XLR Transmitter for BOYA BY-WM6 and BY-WM8 UHF Wireless Microphone System. Allows you to connect any XLR microphone and the BY-WM6 and BY-WM8 wireless receiver. It features an easy to read LCD display, a wide switching RF bandwidth, a Mic/Line/MIX switchable inputs, and digital circuitry, Rugged reinforced construction, and it’s suitable for DSLR cameras for videography, field recording, broadcast TV, and electronic news gathering (ENG) applications.

- UHF frequencies for interference-free reception
- A high-contrast OLED display offers a wider viewing angle than an LCD and is easy to see in low-light environments.
- It features an OLED display with information on level, battery status, mute, and channel selection.
- Power the transmitter via AA batteries, rechargeable NiMH batteries.
- The pilot tone control enables you to maintain the integrity of your audio and avoid bothersome interference
- Programmable Mute function
- Locked XLR plug and 3.5mm plug avoids accidental changing of settings
- Compatible with microphone supporting 3.5mm TRS or XLR connection points
- Wide range of accessories adapts the system to many requirements