BOYA BY-WFM12 VHF Wireless Microphone System

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 Products Highlights:

  - Compatible for Smartphone, Tablet, DSLR, Camcorder,
         Audio Recorder, PC etc.

  - 12 switchable channels to keep you free from interference

  - High-band VHF operation for superior sound

  - Two MIC jacks for transmitter

  - Automatically matched for Receiver

  - Volume control wheel

  - Detachable and flexible antenna with rotating
         360° function

  - Operation range up to 40m (131 feet) away
         without obstacles.

  - Compact and easy to use

  - Powered by two AA size alkaline batteries for both
         Receiver and Transmitter

The BOYA BY-WFM12 is a 12-Channel VHF Wireless Microphone System, capturing audio with smartphones,

       DSLRs, camcorders, audio recorders, PCs and more.

  This system is ideal for interviews, film making, and business presentations,or other applications that require portability.

  Each transmitter has two MIC socket, it allows to use two microphones at the same time.

  Both the receiver and transmitter are lightweight and easy to use, offering flexibility without sacrificing high-quality audio.

  while operating at a range of up to 40m (131 feet) away without obstacles.