Aputure MB-1 V-MatteBox DSLR MatteBox

by shuttermaster.com.ph
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Aputure V-MatteBox creatively and flexibly change light shaping, good at blocking light. And more simple and elegent design, industry-standard, barn doors removable for easy portability, height adjustable to fit various sizes of cameras.

Removable barn doors for easy portability Adjustable height to fit different sizes of the camera Fits lenses from 43mm to 77mm Using industry-standard 15mm rods (60mm pitch-row) Simple and elegant design

Flexible Light Shaping

Removable barn doors for blocking and shaping light, and portability.

Adjustable Height

The V-MatteBox is customizable in height so it can fit several different camera sizes.

Industry Standard

Uses industry-standard 15mm rods with a 60mm pitch-row, allowing for cross-brand accessory use.